Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NAS: Goals for the New Year

I'm uninspired tonight, but determined to write.

(hey that rhymed...maybe I'd be better off with a poem right now!)

Happy New Year, my friends! There's nothing like the pressure of writing the first blog post of the year. Just kidding. I'm actually excited about this post. Maybe I'm not uninspired...just pensive. Reflective.

Because this post is supposed to be about my resolutions. My goals. My ideas for a fresh clean slate of a new year. (One of which is to blog more, so stay tuned!)

The NAS girls always have great topics, so I'm joining with them this week:

In what ways can you grow/stretch RIGHT NOW that could affect the whole of 2014?

Ew. As much as I appreciate personal growth, the stretching part of it is not so fun. It requires things like discipline, patience, endurance, humility. I'm rather a novice when it comes to those.

I do like goals. And I love God's grace. And some days my Type A mind learns to look at the unknown as an adventure.

So bring on 2014.

And we'll make some goals to be safe.

Like in the area of food. Goal #1. (I know, so typical. But wait for it. There's a unique spiritual goal at the end of this post.) I want to improve in two aspects of this area. Budgeting my groceries and eating healthier snacks. After tonight. Because I'm really enjoying these salt and vinegar kettle chips. But vinegar is healthy. Pinterest says so.

Goal #2. Exercise. My fingers are frozen on the keyboard. What can I say for this one? I know I need it--I'm a cardiology nurse, after all. But making the time for it is just so tricky when you work full time. And when you like to sleep in the morning. (In my defense, I get up a half hour early to pray. The idea of even earlier to torture my body with a workout makes me tremble.) Getting back to the goal: three times a week. That's it. I can do this. Zumba counts. So does a long, long walk. (or maybe running...I used to love running. Before the snow and cold came.)

Goal #3. Blogging more often. I love writing. And I love connecting with you wonderful people. Being inspired and encouraged by you. So I would like to write once a week (not counting my Wednesday quotes! Unless I have to.)

Finally. The serious one. The spiritual one. Goal #4. For the past 8 years, I've made a New Year's resolution that focused on a heart quality, a virtue, I wanted to learn more about and grow in. (thankful heart, steadfast heart, joyful heart, and so on). I love having a specific word/focus for the year. Some years I've grown more than others. In keeping with the NAS question above, I have a feeling this year's goal will stretch me more than some of the others. I'm asking the Lord to help me have

an inviting heart.

I want to invite others into my heart, into my home, into the Catholic Church. I want to invite new friends and old friends into my life even when I feel busy. I want to invite people into my vulnerability. Into my messiness (including my home at times!). I want to invite people in deeper relationship with Christ. By my word. By my example. By open arms and heart and listening ears.

Welcome, 2014!

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  1. Hello, I loved your post! I really enjoyed your, "Ew. As much as I appreciate personal growth, the stretching part of it is not so fun," comment because I also feel that way about the stretching part needed for personal growth! I wish you good luck with all of your goals, they sound like excellent ones :)

  2. YAY!! :)

    Great goals... all of them. Serisously. I SO need to get on the running bandwagon. Ugh. The whole work 5 days a week thing is rough. Sometimes I want to go back to my hospital job JUST for the schedule alone. :)

    Prayers for you, my dear. :) I'll check in with you soon and see how you are doing with all your streeeeetching! ;)

  3. Yea, balancing working full time and exercising has been challenging for me as well! I'm totally with you on the "not wanting to get up early to workout" thing. I run or use the elliptical in the evening, which is not ideal, but I like my sleep in the morning too ;) Prayers!

  4. Thanks for the comment love, Jen and Maggie! At least I know there are others who struggle with the work/workout balance! :)

  5. Ahh have you read the USCCB's thing about the New Evangelization? I literally just finished it and with that goal of inviting others into your heart I think it would really encourage you!! Please read it! It is free online.