Thursday, June 27, 2013

NAS: What I Love About Being Single

I've missed the first few link-ups for this series, but thought it would both fun and uplifting to join these sweet I'll just jump right in this week. This week's topic for the Not Alone Series is What I Love About Being Single.
I'm going to start off with a big bold disclaimer here: my heart's desire is to be married. Ever since I could hold a baby doll, I've wanted to be a mommy. I want to love and serve God through a best-friend husband. I want to raise children to be saints and to change the world for Christ. It's knitted in my soul. It's not here yet. And I used to struggle with that a LOT. I still do sometimes. But the Lord has truly worked in my heart that I find incredibly beautiful peace and joy as I surrender to His will and timing--and as I choose to trust Him in a broken world.
In the meantime...(shhh...don't tell Him, because then He might just let me stay single--ah, the silly things we think sometimes!), there are actually a lot of things I *gasp* love about being single.
Freedom. I love being able to go where I want when I want. I do have an (amazing, wonderful, heart-stopping) boyfriend so I do try to keep his schedule in mind as well. But I love the freedom and flexibility of the single woman's schedule. Whether it's planning a fun weekend away or even just being able to go for a walk alone after a busy work day, being in charge of your schedule has its perks.
Finances. I'm able to save for the future, but occasionally (okay, okay...probably more than occasionally) splurge on the here and now. I can afford to buy organic groceries and shop at my favorite clothing store. Or go out to eat with friends. I'm honestly pretty frugal, but it's nice not to have to budget.
Travel. It's been mentioned by the other girls, but I love to travel. I've been to many of the States, took a Caribbean cruise, and am preparing for a mission trip to Haiti. I love new experiences and new places, so what a blessing to have these trips while I'm single and can afford them!
Friends. My girlfriends are my second family. This is one of the greatest gifts in my life--these precious women. They inspire me, encourage me, carry me, and laugh like crazy with me. And if I were married, there's no way I'd be able to keep up with them like I do now. We're able to zumba or workout together, garage sale together, do picnics together, have girls nights together. I love P. immensely, but there's something uniquely beautiful about the friendships of women.
And the random: Decorating the apartment with fun girly colors. No set meal times or having to prepare a nice dinner when I'm in a hurry or tired. Housekeeping of a small, cute apartment instead of a larger home. Not feeling too guilty when I have a no-makeup, frumpy clothing kind of day. More time for hobbies and activities and pursuits.
Finally--there are some spiritual benefits to the single life. I have more time for volunteer and service work. There are unique ministry opportunities when you're young and single-- I love hanging out with the college kids P. ministers to. I cling to God more. I get to know Him first and foremost as my Rock, my Lover, and the only One Sure Thing in life. He becomes my strength, my comfort, and my joy as I surrender my life to Him and His plan. He has proved faithful and I know He will continue to be Who He says He is. Realizing He--and only He--will never let me down is some of the best prep for marriage.
What are/were your favorite things about being single?
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  1. LOVE this post, Laura! Although I love being a newlywed, I've had a moment or two of missing parts of being single—mostly hanging out with my girl friends all the time and not having to cook as much. I absolutely love your positive attitude. It's so important to be grateful for our present stage in life, whatever it is, and this post is such a great way to do that!

    1. Thanks, Tess! I've definitely learned that life has a way of working out, and it's much more enjoyable to just be grateful for each day, no matter what stage we're in!

      Hope all is well with you and Frank! Hugs!

  2. YAY!! :) So glad you are joining us! I agree with all of your reasons, too!

  3. Great post. That future mission trip to Haiti totally perked up my ears, I will be following you now because I want to hear about that. I have been to Haiti twice and documented this past trip on my blog so you should totally check it out. Where are you going to?

  4. Hi Natalie! We'll be traveling to Port au Prince and working with the Missionaries of Charity. I will definitely check out your blog; thank you!