Friday, February 22, 2013

Quick Takes Friday [vol. 8]


We are over a week into the season of Lent and it seems to be flying by already! (I think that's just because life in general seems to be flying by lately.) For those of you who don't do Lent, I promise it's not just an excuse to have delcious local fish fry's (fries? frys? Seriously, how do you spell that plural?) Rather, it's a beautiful way to enter into the story of Christ's passion and death for us. To be reminded of the redemptive beauty of suffering and sacrifice only because He made it so. We choose to unite our prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (the 3 pillars of Lent) with His so that we may draw closer to Him and grow in faith and grace. I love it. Can you tell?


On that note...what am I doing for Lent? You know, I prayed about it and really didn't want to come up with a whole list of stuff that would make me lose my focus or get lost in I chose to give up listening to music in the car. I drive out of town quite a bit, so I'm really excited about this one. The goal is to use this time instead in silence and prayer as well as listening to and learning from the Catholic talk radio channel.

I've also decided to re-read the Passion accounts in each of the four Gospels. I know we read them during Holy Week at Mass, but I'm wanting to read them in more bite-size pieces each night and reflect throughout this season and His sacrifice and incredible love.


We officially opened at the pregnancy center this week. And I have to tell you...I was almost praying for people NOT to walk through our doors because we still had so much to do to get organized! There were pamphlets and forms and papers and just stuff EVERYWHERE! But with time, grace, and sweet volunteers we are now much more prepared. (I know the Holy Spirit would have filled in the gaps even before that, though--see, I always can grow in that area of trust and surrender!) So-- now I pray the Lord sends us many clients in need that we might be His hands, voice, and heart to them.


Thanks for your kind comments on my Valentine's Day story! I'm very much in a pocket of grace and gratitude right now with the situation. I'm not going to say I haven't struggled with doubts and fear and such, but what an incredible joy to have P. back in my life. And he went all out with thoughtfulness and generosity for V-day and my birthday. Sigh. I admit it. I'm still smitten. (But there's always been a deeper connection with us, and I think that's one of the reasons the break-up felt so painful and not quite right.)


In addition to weekly zumba (even though I haven't been there for several weeks! Having some withdrawal), I have decided to work out once or twice a week after work (or before if I can drag myself in that early). We are allowed to use the physical therapy equipment here at the clinic for working out before or after hours, and at no cost. It's like a free gym membership--uh-huh, I know. Why have I not been all over this before? Yesterday I walked and ran on the treadmill and then attempted (key word there) the elliptical machine. Do you guys like ellipticals? Maybe it's the level setting, but I'm no match for them!


This weekend I'm going shopping with my mom, my sister, and my precious baby godson (we're letting him in on the girls' day). I'm so excited to spend a day with them! (And I'm excited to shop! I feel like a tiger being let out of her cage after a busy out stores, I'm on the hunt for the cute, the practical, and the clearance!)


We had icy roads and snow this morning. I'm all about the coziness of wintertime...but is anyone else ready for some springtime?

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. This is a charming list...thank you for sharing!

  2. Well, since you couldn't make it to the retreat, I guess you'll just have to read all about it on my blog. Now, to answer your questions: no, I don't like ellipticals. Yes, I can hardly wait for springtime. Actually, I wouldn't object to bypassing spring and getting right to July or so, although on the other hand I'd rather not expedite the last months I have in this country for a long time. Also, it's "fish fries". Which I happen to love!

  3. Thanks, Jeannine and Esther. :)

    And thanks, Miss Abigail...I can rest now. Fish fries. ;)

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