Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes [vol. 7]

So this Ohio girl is changing it up a bit this week and writing you from--are you ready for this--Fredericksburg, VA. I'm kicking back on the couch with my laptop and scarfing down politely consuming a bowl of southerwestern tortilla soup and a reuben sandwich from the hotel bistro. (Is that an odd combination?) I'm here for a conference on learning to perform ultrasounds for my crisis pregnancy center. I forgot how fun--and exhausting--it is to travel.
I love hotels
The conference has been incredible. I love meeting these people from all over the country and hearing their stories as well as the similarities and differences in our pregnancy centers. I've been really blessed by several conversations with beautiful souls (including some fellow homeschoolers! Way to represent!). But you know, I've also struggled a lot with feeling intimated by the whole thing and rather inadequate. Sometimes I just don't feel like I have what it takes...especially after experiencing the heartwrenching pain from my first abortion-seeking client a few weeks ago.
Taking advantage of one of my few free moments
However, those feelings of insecurity are reminding me that it's not about me anyway (humility is a good thing), and that it's more about surrendering to a powerful, loving God who is always wanting to pour His Spirit into us and into others through us. So I think I'll be okay after all. :)

After class this evening, the president of the organization took us on a walking tour of Fredericksburg. This little history buff LOVED it! I stood on some steps where Abraham Lincoln stood...saw a church used as a hospital by Clara Barton...and was sobered by the sight of the market square where slaves were sold--such evils committed against precious human life back then.
And such evil committed today against the precious life of the well as their scarred mamas and dads after abortion.
My house is decorated for Valentine's Day. I've always loved that holiday, with or without a special someone. I think it's the theme of love--love of our Heavenly Father, of our families, our friends. Love is such a gift.
And the cute-sy pinks and hearts and lace are just fun to decorate with. :) I have a nifty centerpiece, thanks to Pinterest, with a candle inside a glass vase filled with conversation hearts. If I were home, I'd take a picture and post it. It makes me happy.
And speaking of the area of love and relationships, I do have an update in that area that I'll share soon...sometimes God just overwhelms me...
My birthday is this month.  As mentioned above, I really just love not only Valentine's Day but the whole month of February. In the long weeks of winter, February brings a festive touch (or maybe I just choose to make it that way when I'm tired of winter...) I like to pretend that my birthday is for the whole month just to give me a reason to celebrate and make the ordinary special. :) Although I'm not sure what to think about this getting older stuff. ;)


I flew into Richmond on Wednesday and got to eat dinner with a friend I haven't seen in a couple years! She drove out of her way just to pick me up at the airport, such a giving heart. We enjoyed the next several hours catching up. She's such a neat person--a Christian in the Army who enjoys softball and sewing. How diverse is that? Love her. :)

I am so exhausted. I can't think of anything else interesting to share. I really just can't think period right now. My brain is full. Someday life will return to normal again.
But for now, maybe the hot tub will help. ;)




  1. So glad to see things are going well for you! That's so great that you got to see some of the historical sites in Virginia. (I also love history) I am anxious to hear your update on your love/relationships, hoping you are at peace.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. Thanks so much, Angela. Yes, I am at peace although my emotions certainly fluctuate! Looking forward to sharing, thanks for your encouragement on the journey.

  2. It sounds like things are going well on your trip! I hope we get to hear more about it!

    1. Thanks, Vivien! It was exhausting but very worth it! Although tonight there's no place like home. :)