Saturday, December 17, 2011


The end of this week finds me exhausted.

Overwhelmed at work from too much to do and too few nurses to do it.

Frustrated with noisy highschoolers at CCD class this week who seem oblivious of the fact that there is a God who wants to know them personally. Frustrated that I lost my patience (and temper!) with them.

Discouraged from mistakes in my solos during choir practice. Too tired to sing.

Nameless emotions from two doctor visits in one week. Abnormal labs. Again. Specialists. Again. Fighting to trust. Again.

I'm tired.

Tomorrow is the fourth week of Advent. And though I don't feel as though I've grown in the way I wanted to during this season before Christmas, I'm comforted by thoughts of Mary during that first advent before Christ's birth...

She was familiar with waiting. The unknown. The struggle for trust and faith.

She was tired.

She traveled a long journey.

But she continued to focus on the gift of Christ within her.

I see her example. I want to follow it as the Magi followed the star.

Despite everything...because of everything...focus on Him. Maybe this what it means to live Advent.


  1. This is so encouraging! This week has been exhausting for me as well... what a beautiful reminder to keep focused on the gift of Christ within.

  2. Ah, Laura, I wish I'd read this a few days ago when I was finishing up an exhausting exams week and wondering how one can really wait in stillness for Christ when things are so hectic. This is still an encouraging reminder for me, though... even when life is crazy, our hearts can be resting in Him. God bless you.