Monday, December 19, 2011

The Glass Heart

Once upon a time there was
A beautiful glass heart
Unequaled in shine and sparkle
Truly a work of art.

Many looked upon the heart
And were awestruck and amazed
At the beauty and the glory
Coming from its rays.

One day a wise old man appeared
At this famous heart to look
His face held disapproval
And his head he sadly shook.

Do they not see, dear heart of glass
Your beauty is so cold
Your glorious walls of glass are sharp
And trap you with their hold.

The room then shook and off its perch
Glass heart fell to the ground
Shattered pieces filled the air
People gasped--then not a sound.

Hesitant, they now crept forward
Filled with curiosity
The walls of glass had broken
Inside what could there be.

The old man gently knelt beside
And cradled in his hand
A living, breathing, human heart
They began to understand.

Though bleeding from the shattered glass
And bruised from such a fall
The heart was now set free at last
From its false and captive wall.

Warm flesh instead of walls so cold
Beating, no longer still
Its beauty was a different kind
Loving, humble, real.

The old man smiled with joy and peace
As he saw they understood
The lesson of the broken heart
From pain there can come good.

Sometimes in life we lose our hold
The ground below us shakes
We sin, we bleed, we cry, we bruise
We fall and even break

But never doubt that through it all
Reaching out to me and you
Is the One who lifts us from the pieces
To heal and to make new.


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