Monday, June 22, 2009

When the storms come

The past week has been stormy. Not the exciting, gives-me-delicious-shivers type of thunderstorms outside, but the emotional storms within. Work was stressful. My hormonal workup blood draw is coming up this week. I miss Grant. My dad's job is unstable.

And my friend at work was diagnosed with melanoma.

I'll never forget last Thursday morning when she first heard the news. The cardiology girls gathered around her, sharing tears and hugs and heartache. A million thoughts running through our heads and yet not knowing what to think at all. The fears and the questions. The what if's and the why's.

On Sunday at church, I listened as the Gospel of Mark was read, chapter 4, verses 35-41. The Apostles on the storm-rocked boat...fearful, questioning. Wondering about the outcome.

So they went to Jesus.

I love the fact that He wasn't worried about the storm. That the wind and the crashing sea were nothing that He couldn't handle, nothing unexpected or surprising. Yet He cared about His followers, knew their fear...

And calmed the storm.

My friend had an appointment today with her doctor. He was reassuring and encouraging. The lesion is so unusual that it's possible it isn't melanoma after all. She will still have to undergo testing, but there is hope.

I know that the Lord is close when storms rage in our lives. I know that even when it may seem like He is sleeping, He is very much aware of what is going on. He knows our fears and our questions, our hopes and our hurts. When we come to Him, He will either help us weather the difficulties--or He will calm the storm.

Because He is the one "even the wind and the sea obey."

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  1. There've been some storms for me as well, but you are right- He does calm the storm. Thank you for encouraging me, and for sharing the journey and the joy with me. I appreciate you, even though we haven't had a chance to get to know each other outside of here just yet.

    *HUG* Praying for you and those close to you today- and that the Peace Be Still will be in each of our hearts this week.