Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Issue Above Them All

It's Election Day 2008! I've already made my way through the crowds, cast my vote for McCain/Palin (as well as others in my local elections), and am now praying throughout the day for a pro-life victory.

I suppose some would scornfully consider me a single-issue voter because of my focus on pro-life candidates. After all, editorials in my local paper have haughtily asserted that to center in on this one issue is narrow-minded and ignorant. One went so far as to say that a person can be pro-life by caring about world poverty and environmentalism and still maintain his pro-choice stance on abortion. What kind of logic is that? How can you disregard life at its earliest stages and call yourself pro-life? Well, they argue, it is too simplistic to focus on the issue of abortion alone when other complex issues are involved. Whatever. To me, that mixed-up view sounds like an excuse. The country’s problems wouldn’t be so complex in the first place if we focused first on the moral issues. Without morality, every secular effort to fix America is only a band-aid on a symptom rather than solving the cause of the sickness.

What if the reason we focus on one issue is because it encompasses all other issues? A candidate who values and respects life at all stages is a candidate we can trust to serve the American people—all of them. How can Obama's followers truly believe that he values and respects the life of each American if he does not value and respect the rights of the tiniest American?

I love America with all my heart. I love my lieutenant in Iraq who is fighting for America. We both love America enough to admit she needs help. And the solution starts with the single issue of abortion. It’s really not that complicated.

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