Friday, February 15, 2019

Life Is Beautiful...

Yes, motherhood is tough stuff sometimes. Life is tough stuff sometimes. You all know I write about that stuff like an open book. But life and motherhood are good, too. They're beautiful. Full of sweet moments of joy, delight, gratitude and grace. Here are a few from this year so far...(warning: major photo dump of cute babies.)

Post bath cuddles

Crafting with my mini me

Going to her first Valentine's Day party

This little love's twinkling eyes and mischievous smile

Seeing them interact as siblings (and in their cute church clothes)

Breakfast in a tent!

Play-doh with Nana

Exploring and loving anything that has wheels!

For once, just sitting in this chair instead of
climbing up the back and arms and giving me a heart attack

The days (and nights!) can be long but years are going fast already and wow, is my heart full of love for these two.


  1. They are so precious, Laura! Thank you for sharing both the joyful and tough moments <3

  2. I cannot handle how adorable they are!!!!! I realized earlier today that I have not been taking many pictures lately, and this post makes me want to do better at documenting our life-like you said, the years are going by quickly!

  3. Love these pictures, they are just so cute!!!

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