Friday, May 25, 2018

Light little updates

I've written some heavier posts lately, so it's time for just some lighter news bits (but unfortunately there's no Quick Takes linkup this week!).

1. Our little love is getting baptized this Sunday. We're so excited to welcome him into God's family and the Church. We're also hoping some of the grace will help him sleep better. ;)

2. I'm currently dairy-free in an attempt to improve our babe's reflux (have tried EVERYTHING) and the diet is not as bad as I remembered from G. Have you ever had sloppy joes over sweet potatoes? Pretty tasty. And this stuff makes morning coffee delish.

3. I do however greatly miss milk and cheese. And we're also literally missing some cheese around here...I made macaroni for lunch today for Miss G and in an attempt to distract her from her hangry-ness I gave her the cheese packet while I was cooking the pasta. I have no idea where she took it and could not find it anywhere in the house when it was time to mix the pasta with it...

4. We had a tiny bit of spring weather here but seem to have mainly skipped from winter to summer...although I suppose it is Memorial Day weekend already and that's the beginning of summer around here. Temperatures are in the high 80's and 90's this week. I'm not complaining. It makes the mornings and evenings perfect and we are chillin' in the house during the high heat for afternoon naptime anyway.

5. We have ants in our kitchen and they are not the cute "Picnic Panic" kind (anyone remember that game??). We get them every year. Same spots. And they drive me nuts every time. What are your favorite remedies? My neighbor said to try diatomaceous earth. Pretty sure I misspelled it yet again...Google usually corrects me when I look it up to order. We'll see how it goes.

6. Two teen girls from our Catholic community came this morning to help out with the kids for a couple hours. I was really anxious about it and don't know why, but I'm thinking it has something to do with my introvert/perfectionist/controlling tendencies because I was hesitant to invite them into my less-than-perfect, out of control, postpartum mess. But it was such a joy to have them here. Miss G had some meltdowns but eventually warmed up to them a little more and I enjoyed just having their friendly selves around as they got to know the kids and I got to know them. Without family nearby, I'm realizing I really need to get more comfortable with accepting help from 'church family.'

7. I've been reading a little less than I was a few weeks ago but I've recently finished All the Light We Cannot See as well as The Nightingale. Both fiction books were excellent and thought-provoking. A little on the melancholy side and tough to read at times (set in WWII and didn't shy away from some of the horrors) but I loved them for the most part. I also read One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler and have been getting together with my moms' group to discuss it. Her writing is so fun and funny, yet I've also wrestled with my thoughts over it and how it can apply to my own life when it comes to blending your other dreams and callings with the ultimate calling of motherhood. It's a perfect one for a moms group to discuss because you can bounce ideas off each other.

Happy holiday weekend!


  1. Happy baptism and summer! Ants are so annoying and I don’t know any great tricks for getting rid of them. So glad you’re working out having church family help out-that’s so awesome and I hope it is a help!

  2. That's so awesome that the little guy got baptized!! No more heathen baby :)
    Oh man, I wish I had advice on ants, but I really am clueless. When I lived in Upstate New York several years ago, our entire neighborhood got ant infestations each year from about April to September-flying ants, carpenter ants, tiny ants...they were all over the place! It was quite annoying.

    I think it's really cool that you're reading Fulwiler's book for a mom group-what a great way to process it! I really loved that book, and I particularly appreciated the way in which she discussed the differences between moms and mothering styles, and that it's OK for moms to be passionate about different things (hobbies, putting their kids in matching outfits, etc.) because women all have different interests and ways of expressing their gifts. Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts inventory? I haven't done a workshop, I only took the inventory on a retreat (I think there is one online) and I found it very helpful in looking at the specific gifts I have that I can focus on cultivating.

  3. We've been having ants in our bathroom lately and it's driving me nuts. Just this morning I took absolutely everything out and cleaned's not like there's any food in the bathroom for them to get into so I don't know what's up.
    I stopped drinking milk to see if that would help Cyrus's fussy times in the wee hours of the night and he has gotten better...though I cannot claim to be completely dairy-free as I still love to eat chocolate chips for a little snack, haha!