Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Bucket List

We are officially into Spring this week and the temperatures are rising along with our spirits! It's always such a joy to look around and see the spring flowers popping through the earth, hear the birds singing, and see the buds on the trees. I'm excited to bring G outside more soon-- the other day we just sat out on the patio and she felt the grass for the first time. What a blessing to experience her first Spring together-- I love this season and it's a treat to see it through her eyes. Here are a few items we're hoping to do to make the season even more memorable. I'd love to hear your favorite things about Spring or anything special you're hoping to do for it! Stay tuned for a Lenten update soon as well!

Our Spring Bucket List

Go on a run
Drink tea on the porch
Blow bubbles
Go to the zoo
Bring a baby gift and helping hands to an expecting friend
Buy fresh flowers during the Easter season
Make an Easter dessert or treat
Have a weekday picnic
Go to the metropark with daddy
Make donuts
Dye Easter eggs OR participate in an egg hunt
Go to the art museum (they have a baby tour we plan on trying out ;) )
Pick berries
Plant something


  1. When you and G get outside, I hope you have success in making sure she doesn't eat everything! Peter and I love playing outside, but I haven't been the best at keeping all the plants out of his mouth. The other week, I found twigs and grass in his diaper! At least when he started munching on a dandelion the other day, it wasn't terrible because those ARE edible haha.

    This is a really cool bucket list! The baby tour at the art museum sounds really cool :) I think the biggest thing on my bucket list for Spring (besides the different activities and events on our calendar) is house-hunting! And I do want to buy or pick fresh flowers to keep on our dining room table, because it would be a nice way to bring more life and beauty into our home.

    1. Haha good warning about the spring plants!! Sheesh! It's hard for me to find the balance of worrying about her eating plants, getting stung by bees, etc. vs wanting her to explore everything and learn!

      Ooh house hunting!! A little stressful and a LOT of fun! My hubby and I both love houses, it's always so interesting to see the layouts and imagine living in them.

      Yes, I'm trying to hold off on the fresh flowers until after Easter so I'm more in tune with the liturgical seasons and not just springtime...but it's tough! ;)