Friday, January 27, 2017

Quick Takes!

It's Fri-yay!! We've got some cold, snowy weather here after some unseasonably warm days the past couple weeks so it's indoor stuff for us this weekend...

1. But I'm marching in spirit with all those at the March for Life! My heart swells each year with hope, joy, and gratitude whether I'm actually there in D.C. or if I'm just watching the internet coverage (although I hear some mainstream media picked it up this year! Thanks, VP Pence!!). I'm hearing 500,000 strong are there today?

2. Speaking of politics (dare I?), it's brought me to tears a few times recently when I see President Trump holding true to the Republican platform and making some decisions for life. Like the Mexico City Policy...thank you, Jesus!!! Not only is it both wasteful and immoral to use American money to encourage abortions overseas, it's also incredibly offensive to those women! As if poverty makes them unable to think or act for themselves, and we need to go over and do some population control-- shameful! So sad for the past, but so grateful for the present policy being reinstated. Abortion is never the answer to poverty.

3. Speaking of life, my sweet former-client and now-friend from the pregnancy center came for dinner this past week. Such a gift to spend time with her and her precious baby. Her little one is catching up quickly in size to my baby G!

4. Speaking of girlfriends, I'm currently in two book clubs and I'm such a fan!! You know I've always loved reading, but I'm discovering how much I love discussing what I'm reading with other women reading the same book! It's harder than it used to be to have quality girlfriend time, so I'm finding that with these book clubs, we tend to go deeper in conversation right away yet also have loads of fun in laughter-- all in just a couple hours. With my church moms' group, we're reading Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. At first I thought it was cliche, but I'm enjoying it more. With the book club I host at my home each month, we're almost done with Unleashed: How to Receive Everything the Holy Spirit Wants to Give You. Highly recommend that one to anyone who wants to grow in your personal faith-life and how you see God at work in it!

5. Speaking of food (oh, wait, we weren't talking about food? Guess it's just always on my mind *wink*), I've created a monthly meal plan and I'm thinking it's going to be a game changer. I've realized cooking isn't too difficult, but the deciding/planning/trying new recipes is what takes more time and energy. Enter my monthly meal plan of tried and true recipes that are dairy free and husband-approved. I'm rolling it out this week and it's even making my grocery trips simpler. Maybe I'll share it with you guys if I can be tech-y enough to create a printable or something.

6. Speaking of technology, I'm once again this close to deleting all my apps and social media. But once again I'm too chicken. It will happen one of these months, I'm telling you. I'm so ready to be off the grid with that stuff. I'd keep my blog, of course, because some of you are like my real-life friends, you know?

7. Speaking of chicken, I'm getting hungry...snack time. Did I tell you I bought the tea pot?? Oh yes, I did and I'm so excited to use it with my tea cups! Everyone needs a little beauty in their daily lives. Erma Bombeck would say so.

Have a beautiful weekend, sweet friends. Let me know what you're up to in the comments! Or check out the other quick takes hosted by Kelly. 


  1. I am so happy that some major media outlets have been covering the March for Life! I almost flipped when this morning, I saw an article on CNN that explained when and where it was happening. The Washington Post had a really nice article, too (just don't read the comments, which were not so nice).

    Congratulations on the teapot! And on the meal planning! That's awesome. I try to plan one month at a time, and it is so nice-grocery store trips are so much easier, and I have so much mental space free, since I'm not constantly trying to figure out what to have for dinner! I hope that you also have a lovely weekend :) We're headed up to Kansas (where my family lives) and I'm excited to catch up with friends and let my mom pamper me on my birthday weekend ;) OH-and this is kind of random, but have you read "The Summer Before the War," by Helen Simonson? I just finished it today, and it is such a charming novel! It wasn't perfect, but it was delightful and I think you may like it.

    1. Yes, I'm all about free mental space, haha!! So do you only grocery shop once a month, too??? I would love to even go bi-weekly, but we always seem to need something weekly...maybe the monthly meal plan will help me go bi-weekly in time.

      Thanks for the book recommendation! I haven't read that!