Monday, December 5, 2016

Four Months

Oh, you sweet girl. We've had so much fun this past month. You are blossoming and it's beautiful. You are out of the "fourth trimester" and learning so much about the world around you. You reach for and grab your toys. Everything goes into your mouth. You roll onto your side easily, and a few times onto your tummy. You are truly a happy baby (most of the time). You smile abundantly and your eyes crinkle and your dimple shows and we melt. You laughed for the first time, a real tummy laugh, but we haven't been able to get you to do it again yet! You nap best on mommy in the Tula carrier (you disdain the pack-and-play as well as your crib for sleeping or napping). You and daddy are getting to be the best of friends. He loves spending the day with you once a week while mommy is at work. He makes you smile even more than I do. You found your feet this month and love to grab your toes. You are holding your head well with just a bit of bobble here and there. ;) You tolerate tummy time for only a short while. You were busy this month, with a trip several hours away to your uncle's birthday party, to your grandparents for Thanksgiving, and to your other grandma's for a surprise visit. You also were the cutest little ladybug ever last month for trick-or-treating. Holidays are fun with you even though you're too young to notice. Daddy and I hung Christmas lights outside while you slept on me in the carrier dressed in your warm snowsuit. Your favorite toys are your colorful Taggie friend, your crinkle book, and your Wubbanub frog (yet you still won't take the pacifier, you just put the frog stuffed animal in your mouth!). We love you so much, little G.


  1. Baby G is so darling, and it sounds like you've had such a wonderful time with her. I am so glad that you get to make all of these precious memories with your daughter! And I think that's really fantastic that she naps in the carrier-I wish my little guy still did that! A few months back, Peter started waking up after short power naps in the carrier, and while I used to be guaranteed at making him fall asleep in there if he was changed and fed, that's just not the case anymore. So enjoy it while it lasts!

    1. Aw, man, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that everything changes!!! It's crazy how as soon as you get used to one thing or routine, they change it up on you!! I'm glad she naps in the carrier, but unfortunately she no longer will nap in the rock and play...and she HATES the crib. :(((( Any tips on transitioning to crib?