Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Talk # 14: New Year, New Hosts!

Hello and a happy 2016 to you!

There's something so beautiful and exciting and hopeful about a new year! A blank slate, a chapter waiting to be written. I'm a bit more behind than usual with goals and resolutions and such. For the past ten years, I've resolved to have a _________ heart, filling in the blank with a virtue I wanted to work on (grateful, hopeful, prayerful, patient, and so on). Last year I resolved to have a prayerful heart. This year will probably be my wrap-up for that 'series' of resolutions so I may even close with a hopeful heart (which is what I started with in 2006!). Can't ever have too much hope!

I'm also resolving to be more creative, reach out with cards and letters more often, read more, go online less, and keep in touch with my dad and brothers more often (I call my mom and sister all the time, but now that the rest of us are living farther apart, I need to be more intentional with keeping up!).

We have some exciting news in the Tuesday Talk realm-- four new hosts! Sadly this also means there are four great hosts who have decided to step down for the year but they promise us they'll still keep in touch!

Please welcome our four new ladies!

Emily at Raising Barnes

Stasia at Our Life on a Budget

Ruthie at Rear. Release. Regroup.

Tina at Go Big or Go Home

I'm looking forward to getting to know them better and I hope you will, too! Stop over at their blogs and say hello!

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  1. Yay new hosts, welcome! I like your idea of wanting to focus on a specific virtue for the year. Awesome way to create new habits!

    1. Thanks, friend! I'm still pondering how to implement my 'resolutions.' :)

  2. I know what you mean about not keeping up with every single person in the family. The age gaps with my siblings is what makes it hard for me sometimes. But I was actually talking with Jim about changing that - having just them over for dinner, etc. Great idea, Laura! Happy New Year!!! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

    1. Yes, even though we're close as a family (and you guys are too), I'm learning the importance of one-on-one time with each member as we get older. :)