Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Talk # 6: Closet Craziness

Hello, sweet friends!

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This past week was one reminiscent of my single girl days. No meal planning, no cleaning, and lots of ice cream and episodes.

My husband was in Washington D.C. this past week for work, taking a course to receive a certificate in Catholic social teaching. So it was just me and the Little Dog on the homefront. I couldn't believe how much I missed him. I guess six months of marriage will do that to you. (YES! Six months on the 22nd!! Time flies when you're in love!)

But since there was no jumping on a plane to D.C. (only in my dreams or the latest chick flick), I did the next best thing.

Clean out my closet.

I know. It's sad how much I enjoy organizing. But this, this closet was a job that meant calling in reinforcements: my mom and my sister (and my stinkin' cute 18-month-old niece).

Three hours and three garbage bags later, my closet is clean. And organized. And simplified. I can now walk in without stepping on something or having something fall on top of me. Life is good.

Yes, I'll share the pics but trust me, you have to see this in person. (Seriously, come visit me! I'll make you pumpkin bread and hot apple cider!)

Before. Definitely before. I did not wear half these clothes.

After. Simplified and stream-lined. I no longer feel like I should be on Hoarders.

Next stop: the freezer...(should I be embarrassed for showing you these??)

What are your disaster areas? What are your favorite tips for organizing or simply being motivated to organize?

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  1. I'm an organizer too. Every so often I just go nuts and work my way through the entire house. I think there will be one of these days coming on soon

    1. Yes! The cooler weather makes for a great season to organize indoors!

  2. This is great! I totally need to clean out my closet, too! I just did my freezer a little bit ago...it looked very similar to yours! :)

    1. Lol! Good to know someone has forged ahead with the freezer and came out alive. ;)

  3. Good job on the closet!! It looks fantastic. Ooh, I know how that goes with freezers. It's so easy for stuff to get tucked away and forgotten! The point where I really realized I needed to change was when several pounds of beef-in the freezer-went bad because they had been up there so long. Now, I try to rotate things that are in the back to the front, and I put stickers on everything that goes into the freezer with a date on it. I've been trying to routinely check what's up there so that we eat everything eventually. So far it's been working fairly well, but it's still hard for me to remember to check sometimes!

    1. Oh girl. That sounds amazing. I'm impressed!!

    2. Thanks! I'm still working on perfecting the system (I'm pretty sure there's some chicken that's been up there for a while, so we'll probably be eating tons of it in the next week before it goes bad haha), but it's getting somewhere! :)

  4. Great job on reorganizing your closet, Laura! (I wish I had a closet that big!) My disaster area is the pantry and the kitchen cabinets. I feel like I’m constantly rearranging to make things fit better. But, I have found that those white plastic expandable kitchen cabinet shelf organizers really come in handy. I can put items underneath and on top of the expandable shelves, doubling my storage space! I’ve also found that small bins work well for holding things like tea bags, hot chocolate packets, and packages of microwave popcorn. Good luck with your next project for the freezer!

    1. Definitely feel blessed with my closet space!!

      I love when small items are in baskets or bins in the pantry!

  5. Yay for almost 6 months! Congratulations! And organization is pretty great too. Your closet looks so nicely organized. I've found that less clothes really makes life simpler, so I love that idea too. No advice for cleaning out a freezer. Good luck!

  6. My area of disarray is the guest room where my daughter and her family are staying. She is moving, packing, buying, selling and it looks like an aisle in Target during inventory week. But, I keep saying, temporary, temporary. You did good here. Does it not feel freeing?