Tuesday, July 14, 2015

$10 Great Dates: A Book Review

I'm in love with this book my husband.

And this book. 

I actually received it before we were married and enjoyed it but have since picked it up again now that we're married-- and it's so much more pertinent! When we dated before marriage, we lived an hour apart and when we were together, dating came naturally and easily. We were thrilled just to be together or to go out to eat or to do ministry or visit family together. We still do all those things now that we're married-- and we have even more time to be together-- but I see how easy it is to slip into routine. 

So we decided to go all stereotypical and do a weekly date night. But I'm loving it!! It's so great to know there's one day a week that we simply focus on us. Not work, not home improvement, not unpacking...just being together and having fun and growing together. We decided to take turns planning the date and this week is my turn. 

As I flip through this book again, I'm pretty sure I want to plan every date! They are fabulous ideas and all of them on a budget! With our recent home purchase, we're realizing how quickly the monthly bills pile up. The challenge remains to make a date special without being costly. This book is perfect for that. I'm a sucker for themes and sentimental ideas and the book is chock full of them. Seasonal dates, themed dates, outdoor dates...

Even the layout of this book is helpful. Each date comes with the date idea itself, but also tips for planning the date, tips for during the date, and even talking points to help you go deeper in conversation together. 

Can you tell I'm a fan? We're going with 5 stars on this one.

[Thank you to Bethany House Blogger Review Program for sending me this book. This review contains my honest and original thoughts.]