Saturday, May 9, 2015

Why, hello there

Helloooo, my precious blog friends!!! And happy Friday night! It's been too long.

I think I'm back. And here to stay for awhile.

It's not that life was horrible and I needed to hide. It's not that life was all flowers and chocolate and I didn't think about you. I think I just needed a break.

But my fingers are itching for the keys and my heart is wanting your friendship again.

So I'm here. I can't fit all the details of the weeks into a single post (nor do I want to! That would be an exhausting read for you!), but I can tell you it's been a crazy, beautiful ride these months of engagement. And if I were to summarize it into one sentence, you know what one I'd choose?

I really need a Savior.

Isn't that a crazy sentence to describe an engagement? But it's so true! Because as P. and I have walked this new path together, I've realized it all comes back to Christ. When the going is good and life is brimming with joy and's all the more sweeter to remember the Giver and the purpose He has for our marriage. The joy is multiplied when we invite Him in, and when we work together for His people. And when the going gets tough, I can step back and remember that marriage isn't mean to make us happy, it's meant to make us holy (Thank you, Sacred Marriage!). And that involves some serious sanding of rough edges, let me tell you. Both of us have grown already during these seven's actually really awesome to look back and see it over such a short period of time.

Our engagement season has been anything but perfect. And in our secular culture, there's an overwhelming amount of pressure that both the engagement and the wedding must be perfect. (Funny they don't seem to focus on the marriage part, though...). But guys...though our engagement season wasn't perfect, it has been absolutely beautiful.

Because I see how we grew through trials. We chose love time and time again. We held each other up in stress, grief, and fatigue. We learned more about sacrificial love. We honed our communication skills in the big decisions and discussions (like house hunting!). We held on to each other and let go of what wasn't important-- including the culture's expectations of engagement and weddings. It was messy. It was funny. It was difficult and exciting and overwhelming and fun. And so, so beautiful. Because grace is written all over it. Every moment.

Our wedding is two weeks from today. I don't know if it's all going to come together (I hope so!) but I do know God will be there. Marriage is going to take all three of us. And I couldn't be more grateful (or excited!) to be vowing faithfulness to the one I love, knowing he will lead me closer to the Heavenly One I love.

(It's midnight and I'm headed to a local festival in the morning with my sister and her littles, so I am off to bed! Next time I'll try to share some of the fun the house we closed on today! Rest in His love tonight!)

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  1. So, so excited for you, Laura! Thank you for sharing part of your journey with us - and for being a faithful witness to the beauty of preparing for a sacramental marriage. You and P. are a beautiful example, and I'm so happy for you being at this point getting so close to the big day :-)