Friday, November 14, 2014

Quick Takes Friday! [vol. 18]


Yay!!! For two reasons. It's Friday (can I get another yay??). And secondly, because I'm actually posting quick takes! I feel like I'm always missing the fun for some reason or another. These are going to be Really Quick Takes though because I'm awfully sleepy.


Thank you so much for your beautiful comments on my engagement post. Your love, friendship, and support mean such a great deal to me! I really mean that. I saw this quote the other day and thought it really fits my life: "I may have found my man, but I still need my girls!" 


P. and I decided to do an act of service together each month until the wedding. Tonight we visited nursing home residents together. It was so beautiful and powerful. I bought fresh flowers and Rice Krispie treats (I know, I know-- I should have homemade something, but I let go of perfection and knew they'd still appreciate these sweet snacks!). We both were impacted by the hidden lives we encountered, by the slow pace as we waited for residents to walk with us or respond slowly to a question. I forget how fast we live in our daily lives. Slow me down, Lord, so that I live each moment aware of Your presence.


It snowed today. Crazy white stuff. I'm not ready for it!!!! (This from the girl who loves holidays!) 


I am excited about Thanksgiving, though. New recipes to try. New traditions to start. Do you have any favorite recipes or traditions? I love the idea of having a Thanksgiving tablecloth where you write what you are thankful for each year right on the cloth. Would that be distracting and clutter-y or memorable and beautiful?


And I can't talk about Thanksgiving without Christmas thoughts slipping in...I am ridiculously happy about a book coming in the mail for Advent: Scott Hahn's new book Joy to the World. He's one of my favorite Catholic writers with his Scripture knowledge that's as deep as his sincere, seeking heart. I'm so looking forward to digging into the historical/Biblical truths of the reason for the season. 


Last but not least: I can't get enough of these three. Had dinner with my parents last night at their new house then swung by my sister's house for some sister-talk and some cuddling with the littles. Melt my heart. Their smiles are the best. (I know the picture quality isn't the best-- Instagram is so much more forgiving with my lack of photography skills!)

I tell them it's time for Instagram and the giggles start!


  1. I am reading Joy to the World right now!! It's so good so far, of course. I love Scott Hahn. And Blodding for Books! :)

    Enjoy your weekend! Your nephews and niece (right? The wee babe is a girl?) are adorable!!

    1. No way! We should have our own little 2 person book club! hee hee :)

      Yes, my niece and nephews :) Love them!

  2. Darling kids! You sound so happy in these takes and I can see the joy radiating from your face. :)