Friday, August 8, 2014

The Berenstain Bears God Shows the Way: A Book Review

You know how all those toys from when we were kids are coming back? (If I say Strawberry Shortcake or My Little Pony, am I dating myself??)

It turns out so are the books...

I saw this new Berenstain Bears three-in-one book and all sorts of warm fuzzies came over me as I reminisced about the many different titles from this series that my mom read to me and my siblings long ago.

Time for the next generation to learn about-- and from!-- these wholesome, friendly bears (though I've never been quite sure what kind of bear they really are?!). It was a delight to read The Berenstain Bears: God Shows the Way to my precious nephews this week. While the book is actually an "I Can Read" level and would be best suited to children slightly older (grades K-3 perhaps), these Little Men were all smiles as we read about the Bears on a scout trip, learning to trust God as they got lost in a cave. Two more stories follow this one in the book, so we could probably consider it a Berenstain B(e)argain...okay, okay.

Summary: This book is adorable. Love the memories from my own childhood but also fun and godly stories for new readers or listeners. As I mentioned, it will be most appreciated by kids who are learning to or able to read because there are a few 'big words' in it for little minds (not sure the 2-year-old quite understood the rhyme about stalactites and stalagmites!)

[Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for my complimentary copy. These are my original and honest thoughts contained in the review.]


  1. Our son loved the BB's and so did we. So many great lessons without being overly preachy. Cindy