Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mind Running, Feet Running

I tossed the groceries onto the counter, slipped into some running shorts, and headed out the door. My mind had been running a mile a minute this week...maybe if my feet started running, my mind would stop.

The whirlwind of planning for the fall had me stressed and worried. Too many committments. Church, volunteering, relationships, responsibilities, pets. I had been there before...did I really want to try it again? Would my attempt to serve the Lord finding me focusing more on the service than on the Lord? Would my family see less of me? Would I have time for my boyfriend, time for strangers, time for...well, me? How do I find what it means to lay down my life, to pour out my life for God and others...without getting burnt out? Where does my strength end and His begin? Do I even need to know the answers to these questions?

Hot sunshine. Summer evening crickets. The sweet rhythm of my feet on the pavement. My heart was beating faster and my mind was slowing down.

I looked up to the heavens and met His gaze. Soft, beautiful clouds stretched across the blue sky, covering me. Sunlight peeked through the openings, reaching for me.

Instinctively I reached back, praising the One who created it. Hushed by His majesty, my focus remained on the sky above as I ran. Constant, unchanging blue as the rest of the world passed by in the blur of peripheral vision. Worries and fears began to release their hold.

Once again, creation was teaching me about the Creator (Romans 1:20). The One who is constant, unchanging. The One who covers me with grace and strength and mercy and love. The One who waits for me to look up and let my burdens fall as I seek Him alone. The questions in my mind dropped one by one along my path as I ran home.

I didn't need to know the answers--I knew Him.

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