Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Three Hearts: A DVD Review

This DVD came at such a great time for me in the wake of returning from the mission trip. (But then again, God has a way of working things like that!)

Three Hearts is a beautiful documentary on the work and ministry for The Children's Heart Project. A branch of Samaritan's Purse, the project brings children from countries where pediatric heart surgery is not available to the U.S., where they receive their much-needed operations. This film follows the journeys of three particular children who received care and surgery from the Children's Heart Project. The giggling three-year-old girl from Mongolia will melt. your. heart.

Though some of the parts at the beginning felt a little slow and drawn-out (keeping it real!), I was moved to tears by the stories and ministry. It was incredible to see the hope and gratitude of the children and their mommas. I loved being pulled out of my little bubble and traveling across the world and into their lives. Part of me wanted to quit my job in cardiology and work with a ministry like this!

[Thank you, Booksneeze, for sending me Samaritan's Purse Presents Three Hearts: A World Away, Three Children Need a Miracle at no charge for review purposes. These are my honest and original comments.]

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