Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life is Beautiful...

-on a sunny Sunday, lounging on the deck with my family.

-digging in the damp, rich earth, pulling weeds and planting tomato plants grown from seeds by a friend.

-sipping Dragon Pearl Jasmine iced tea with my roomie at our favorite coffee shop.

-making homemade strawberry jam for the first time...and then sampling it!

-wakeboarding behind the boat for the first time this season and conquering my utter terror hesitation.

-when my Micah runs to greet me with his expressive chocolate eyes and forever-wagging tail.

-being inspired by our new African priest, Father C., so vibrant with joy and love and passion for our Lord and His Church.

-being suprised by half a dozen deer meandering in the field behind our duplex, so calm and so graceful.

-trying out my oh-so-cool (or maybe not-so-much) dance moves on my brother's Xbox Kinect. (did I spell that right, gamers?)

-with breathtaking summer sunsets painted by a gracious God.

-rejoicing in the Easter season, celebrating the Ascension of our Lord, and looking ahead to the Feast of Pentecost next week.

-knowing the Holy Spirit still descends upon us, reaching deep into our hearts, our minds, our souls...convicting, stirring, embracing, and filling us with such grace and joy if we let Him in.

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  1. Wow, Life is beautiful. :) p.s. I made wild raspberry jam last year so amazing. I don't know why I canned it because it is gone so quick. lol