Friday, January 21, 2011

Setting Captives Free

Long ago, your people Israel
Cried to you in chains
God above, please set us free
From our bondage and our pain.

You heard their cry, You felt their pain
You led them faithfully
Despite their sin, you showered mercy
You set the captives free.

Years later, your Son came down to earth
He taught, and healed, and loved
A people still in bondage
But seeking you above.

The lame stood tall, the dead awoke
The blind man learned to see
Healed from sin and suffering
You set the captives free.

Then beneath a heavy cross He walked
Amid the cries and jeers
Of people who did not realize
They had waited for Him for years.

He hung upon this cross for us
Redeeming a world in need
And as the nails held him tight
He set the captives free.

And yet today the chains appear
Enslaved once more we become
To fear, to sin, to worry and doubt
We forget You have already won.

You break the bonds, you offer your hand
Just let them go, you say to me
I watch the shackles fall to the ground
As this captive is set free.

With praise and joy I thank you
And ask that others too may know
The joy and freedom that you give
When we let these burdens go.

Loving Father, Savior, Spirit
Give them eyes of faith to see
You’re a God of unending mercy and love
And You still set captives free.

by Laura@LifeIsBeautiful/Jan2011

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