Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finding the Creator in the creation

I sat on the cracked cement porch step of the old farmhouse my dad bought to rent out. The air was just cool enough to hint of crisp autumn breezes in the future. The sky was a beautiful dusky blue. Faithful Micah lay nearby. The trees stood majestically, their giant arms benevolent-- and looking very much like they would be a perfect place to rest and enjoy the view.

I sat there. And thought about God.

How sometimes He seems so very silent.

How sometimes I feel like He's just beyond my grasp. That I can't understand Him or His ways. I can't feel Him.

I hold onto the image of Jesus in the Gospels. I believe in Him. And I believe Him.

But sometimes life--and the Evil One-- bring up questions in my mind. When a friend's adoption fails. When a local young Christian gets cancer. When bad things happen to good people. Or even when good things don't happen to good people.

Then once more I became aware of my surroundings. His creation was begging me to see the reflection of the Creator. He didn't need to come down from Heaven to remind me who He was. It was there all around me. The warm, comforting feel of the wind on my skin. The beauty of the sky. The trees with their welcoming arms. And the unconditional love of a dog.

That is who He is, I thought. A God who creates such beauty, warmth, love, and security can only be those qualities as well. I may not understand His thoughts and His ways, but I can find comfort in who He is.

He invites us to climb into His arms--a perfect place to rest and enjoy the view.

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