Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Laugh

There is a charming little sign above my kitchen sink that reads, "Laugh."

And it hangs crooked.

Time and time again I would adjust it, but the next time I was in the kitchen, it would once again be tilted to the side. One day as I studied it, I realized that whenever I see the sign, I'm focused on the way it hangs crooked, rather than the sign's message and instruction. I decided not to adjust it anymore. Instead when I see it, I will be reminded to laugh.

Life is like that. It hangs crooked at times. We get frustrated trying to adjust it, only to find later on that it has tilted one way or another once again. Instead of enjoying each day even with its imperfections, we are distracted by or consumed with what's not right about the picture. The joy we could have had is lost.

Instead of trying to fix it all, let's just laugh instead.

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