About Me

Hello, new friend! Welcome to my life, welcome to my heart. I'm so glad you stopped by! 

I'm Laura. I'm crazy about DIY, cookies, warm drinks, the written word, little moments, and keeping it real. 

I've been blogging long before it was cool to blog (ha! Is it cool to blog?) so this place has seen many chapters of my story: 

-my single years (most of my twenties, the ups and downs of relationships, a broken engagement, and also some solid forging of women friendships for which I'm forever grateful!).
-my married years (it was worth the wait!)
-and now my motherhood years (I've dreamed of it all my life, had trouble getting there with subfertility and a miscarriage, and never knew that once it came motherhood would show me so intensely both my best and my worst!)

My relationship with Jesus and my Catholic Faith are the most important things in my life. It's been a long, beautiful journey of learning intimacy with a perfect God who wants my love, not my perfection.  He has been the One Sure Thing in my life. I seek to follow Him through the Catholic Church and my soul has never felt more at home than in its beauty and grace and sacraments. 

I married this handsome man in 2015-- a city boy who stole my country girl heart. He works in full-time pro-life and justice ministry for our diocese, is an incredible speaker, and still makes my heart flutter. 

We lost our first baby to miscarriage and will never be the same, but we find hope that our little one is praising Jesus and praying for us until we can meet him someday. He was carried and loved his whole life and was born into the arms of the Lord instead of ours. You can read my fertility story here.

Next came this little lady. She's a horrible sleeper, a picky eater, and has the most amazing smile you've ever seen. She brings joy into our lives like we'd never imagined...we're pretty sure we could just watch her all day with sappy smiles on our face. 

Joining us in the spring will be this precious face. We're crazy nervous about having two littles and praying this one sleeps better...but we're as excited as kids on Christmas Eve to meet this sweet gift and so grateful our hearts could burst.

I stay at home with my babies and am so grateful to do so (at least on the days that I'm not ready to pull my hair out). In my former life, I worked as a registered nurse in Cardiology and then more recently for crisis pregnancy centers, doing ultrasounds and counseling clients considering abortion. It was life-changing work (and sometimes life-saving). Working with one woman at a time and hearing each of their stories has forever changed the way I view the pro-life movement. If you are suffering from a past abortion, please feel free to reach out to me or to visit this helpful organization. You are not alone and you are loved.

Thanks for visiting my little home on the web! I love hearing from readers, so give me some comment love or drop me an email!