Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

Easter blessings to you from our family! May the Risen Lord give us hope this season as we remember and celebrate that HE can overcome anything in our lives holding us back from the joy and peace He wants us to experience!** 

**My husband took a walk with the dog last night and wished a neighbor man a 'happy Easter.' The man grunted and said 'just another day.' It hurts my heart to think of those hurting on holidays-- the poor, the lonely, the singles (I remember, girls!), the childless...and honestly, each one of us has our brokenness that surfaces during the holidays. Even now, the hubby and I argue, or family gatherings aren't perfect, etc. etc. But let's all remember no matter what we're struggling with, that Easter is never just 'another day.' It is truly the reason for our hope-- that Christ died to give us new and eternal life, and that He overcame the grave and every darkness we may ever experience. Seek the Light this Easter season. The darkness cannot overcome it. Lots of love to each of you. Thanks for reading and being my friend.


  1. Happy Easter, friend! I love those dresses-you ladies look so cute!

  2. Very interesting. I used to say that because I never had anything to call family and these holidays are always shown as these family gatherings and such. Even when I was married and we had kids and she comes from a huge family and had all these big gatherings it was still hard for me and her family didn't understand what I was going through.

    But as I am becoming an old man I have figured out that it is more about me finding a peace in life and not being so broken and trying to spread a little joy to others by saying Happy Easter or whatever the holiday is.

    So, I hope you had a good Easter.