Monday, May 16, 2011


One step at a time. Sometimes each step seems so slow, so cautious. Other times I jump ahead without sufficient thought for where my feet will land.

Time passes and I’m afraid I’m not keeping up with its pace.

Slow down and be still.

Step out in faith and move forward.

Wise words of advice.

But how can I do both?

Bends in the road. Broken bridges. Paths that seem to go in circles. Backtracking. Fog and storms.


Have I strayed from the right path? Have my choices and mistakes caused me to lose my way?

But maybe these trials on the path aren’t an indication that I’m lost…

What if the paths that go in circles are teaching me habits and patterns in my life that need to change?

What if the broken bridges teach me to be brave and wade through the deep water I'd rather avoid?

What if the bends in the road teach me patience and hope and trust—learning to believe in beauty that I cannot see?

What if all these things that make me wonder if I’ve lost my way...are teaching me to look not at the path, but at the One I’m following?

Maybe they aren’t signs that I’ve strayed, but simply part of what makes this journey my own.

The bends and hills and valleys are unique to my journey, my story. God knows them, sees them, and uses them for my good (Romans 8:28). He doesn't expect my journey to look like someone else's.

But He does ask me to trust Him with every step I take. To look to Him when I feel I don't know the way--because He IS the Way (John 14:6).

And someday I’ll look back, "praising thee, O Lord, as we recall the events of our sojourn" (Wisdom of Solomon 19:9-10, paraphrased).

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