Friday, February 2, 2018

{Really} Quick Takes ;)

...just to let you know I'm still alive.

1. Poor, precious G either had a fast and furious tummy bug or ate something disagreeable at dinner. She got sick over twelve times in two hours and continued on through part of the night until finally stopping and sleeping around midnight. Saddest thing ever as a parent. She's doing much better today but we're just taking the day slow with lots of crackers, water, and even some Barbie Rapunzel movie time. ;)

2. Naturally, our weekend is unusually packed so we're going to have to play it by ear with what we can or cannot keep on the schedule. I will probably cancel my book club in the morning to have some more rest and a slow Saturday morning as a family. We may be visiting a dear friend in her new home for dinner tomorrow and then on Sunday we plan to host a Super Bowl party (which in my mind = good food).

3. Winter is starting to get a little long, which is rare for me. I think it's the realllly cold temps we've had because I can't even bundle us up for a walk. I am enjoying my cozy naptimes with crocheting a blanket for the baby and reading the book Caroline: Little House Revisited, by Sarah Miller. The book is just like the Little House series but for adults and from Caroline's perspective. I've really enjoyed it so far and am amazed at her strength in traveling over the prairie with two littles and one in the womb!

4. I'm also getting a little tired of winter food and have been craving anything from a farmer's market. ;) Tell me what you're eating or making lately and inspire me!

5. I'm planning to make chili for the Super Bowl party and possibly that delish buffalo chicken dip. When I was pregnant with G, I used to eat Red Hot by the jar poured on tortilla chips. I loved everything spicy with her.

6. So proud of my hubs lately. He does such great work for our diocese. His latest endeavor is a pornography recovery/support group for men that meets monthly. They've seen some powerful things happen in the men's lives and it has made my husband even more passionate about the need for men in the church to have other male friendships and accountability/mentoring.

7. It's my birthday month. :) I used to 'celebrate' all month long, haha. Which pretty much just meant using my birthday as an excuse for anything fun, celebratory, or tasty to be enjoyed shamelessly. ;) Maybe I should do that again this year...but then again Lent is happening in a couple weeks! ;) I've started to reflect on how I want to grow/fast/pray...would love to hear your ideas!

Happy Friday, happy weekend, happy Super Bowl!


  1. We had a intense fast bug a little bit ago and I was grateful.. it’s the long ones that I feel stressed by!! Feel better!

  2. I hope that G is fully recovered now! that sounds awful, poor girl! (and tough for all of you!) I think it's awesome that your husband has been working on a pornography recovery group. Such a needed ministry! I hope it continues to bear good fruit.
    Oh man, I am so done with winter. It would help if we had snow, but we don''s just been days of cold and bleak skies with a small smattering of nice weather here and there. Hopefully warmer days are coming for all of us!

  3. Oh man, hope G is feeling better now! And happy birthday month! I think that's totally legit to celebrate all month long ;-)