Friday, January 6, 2017

Currently: January

Joining Anne for the monthly fun!

gathering// friends together for our monthly book club this weekend. Such a blessing to have great fellowship with these women. We're discussing this book and wow. What a wonderful, soul-searching book. It's definitely helped me see God at work in my own life and to be more open to the way He slowly but steadfastly works in us lovingly. We've had great conversations (and of course, lots of laughter).

making// dinner. Ha! Not much time for crafts lately, but since dinner is a given, I make the best of that with meal planning and new recipes. Tonight is a crockpot stuffed pepper soup with a side of chocolate chip muffins. ;)

sipping// tea! I still have my coffee in the mornings (#necessity) but I'm really enjoying tea during the day. We have a gift card for Amazon and even though I should probably use it on diapers, I'm really tempted to use it on this electric tea kettle!

following// the news on Syria and Iraq and all the suffering in the Middle East. It's just overwhelming. I can't imagine living in it in general, but particularly being a parent in the midst of it. I worry about G's health and well-being but we are so. so. fortunate. here in America with all our freedoms and the availability of everything and anything. Those precious kids have seen so much their little eyes should not have to see. Their little lives have experienced so much pain and loss. I made a donation to this organization recently and would highly recommend them if you have been looking for a way to help.

resolving// to be the wife my husband needs. I get so caught up in my own expectations and what I think a good wife should be that I forget the reality that my husband is an individual man with unique needs and desires from his wife. It's not a cookie cutter thing. Most days I'm pretty sure he'd rather me be smiling than have my hair done (thankfully he likes it in a messy bun!!). And I know he'd rather I simply be there for him as his friend than have every room perfectly clean.

What are you up to currently?


  1. I so love that you have a monthly book club with friends!! Those are the moments where you come out truly refreshed. I also love your resolution to be the wife that your husband needs! My fiancé definitely feeds off of my energy (as I feed of off his, too), and if I'm preoccupied with something that really doesn't matter, it also affects him! That's something that I'm working on. :)

    1. Yes!! Book clubs are so refreshing!!

      I think it will be a lifetime of learning each other and being the spouse each other needs! :)

  2. Book club is one of the best ways to gather friends, I say! And yes you should definitely treat yourself with that electric tea kettle. Gift cards should be for fun stuff :) Thanks for joining in!