Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday Talk # 25: This Holy Week

It's the holiest week of the year! The week before Easter, known in the liturgical year as Holy Week. Yesterday it began as we held our palm branches and sang hosanna at Mass and will continue with the celebration and commemoration of the first Eucharist on Thursday, Christ's death on Friday, the waiting on Saturday, and then the joyous rising on Sunday.

So much grace this week. So much grace. This is the week we celebrate the events that changed the course of our lives. Beautiful redemption.

It makes me want to sweep my calendar of anything and everything and simply immerse myself in the beautiful church services this week and focus only on the spiritual. But alas, I am body and soul, flesh and spirit. So instead, I'm pondering ways to bring the spiritual to the temporal. How can I remember, cherish, and live out the truths of Christ's suffering, death, and resurrection in my life this week?

What are your favorite things about this week? If you are not Catholic, have you ever been to a Catholic service during Holy Week?

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  1. Happy Holy Week! The Triduum is my top-favorite liturgical season, so I'm pretty excited about this week :) I love going to Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday service, and the Easter Vigil a lot-especially since I have a friend being fully received at the Easter Vigil! Other than that, I'm keeping this week fairly low-key. I'm offering up my work prayerfully and I'm spending more time in silence, and I'm scrounging around the apartment for my favorite copy of the Stations to pray (Pregnancy brain-I was just using them the other day, and now I can't remember where I put them haha). It's going very peacefully so far, so I'm just trying to immerse myself in that peace.

    1. Nothing more special than an Easter Vigil when you know someone entering the Church!! I sponsored someone through RCIA a few years ago and it was an amazing Lent and Easter!!