Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten Years

With the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedies just a few days ago (Has it really been ten years??), I find myself:

Praying…for the victims and their families; for our beautiful America; and for protection from the evils that threaten, both spiritual and physical.

Remembering…that all loss is tragic, even the smallest, un-televised ones around us; how fragile and uncertain this life can be yet what a gift.

Watching…the beautiful commentaries and memorials on TV, sobered during the moments of silence at the times the towers were hit.

Proud and Thankful…for this incredible country, and all who serve faithfully in military, police, and fire departments. I was so impacted by the Vice President’s comment that never before have we asked this much of our military…yet they have rose to the task time and time again, deployment after deployment…keeping others from being be drafted.

And Sharing...a facebook status from my aunt on the day that sums things up quite well: "The events that have unfolded in the last ten years..And the events that may unfold in the next ten...One nation under GOD..Fight for Him here..PRAY.. God Bless America!!!"

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