Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Cup Connection

I love tea. And coffee. And really any warm and cozy drink…hot chocolate, hot caramel apple cider…

But especially tea and coffee. I like them a lot—or should I say, a latte. (I know, I know; so un-original, but I couldn’t resist!)

So when I was contacted by Sara with One Cup Connection, my interest was perked—or should I say, perc-ed, you know, like percolated? (Okay, done with the coffee jokes).

Sara works on behalf of One Cup Connection in reaching out to bloggers and having them help spread the word about this company. After checking out their website and communicating with the delightful Sara, I’m happy to share a link to the One Cup Connection website and toot their horn for them.

The main products of One Cup Connection are the Keurig brewers and the corresponding K-cups. Now if you haven’t tried these cute little guys, you’re missing out on a fun experience. Keurig brewers are designed to brew the perfect individual cup of coffee (as well as some of the other warm and cozy beverages I named!). You simply choose your K-cup from a variety of yummy flavors and brands, pour some water into the brewer, then pop in the K-cup to begin.

My own experience with Keurig products was at a campground this summer on a weekend trip with the girlfriends. We stayed up late—and got up early—and filled the days in between with all sorts of activities. So when I tumbled out of the tent each morning, coffee seemed a good idea. Lo and behold, the campground store boasted a Keurig brewer and those cute little K-cups. It was love at first sip.

I do have one disclaimer here. I have not actually ordered anything at this point from One Cup Connection, as we do not own a Keurig brewer. Therefore, I cannot fully endorse their company or its service. However, I can say that I was genuinely impressed by Sara’s fun and friendly personality as well as her professionalism. If she represents the company, I have a feeling their service is similar. This review is simply intended to share a link for careful perusal by those interested in coffee, tea, and/or Keurig products.

If you’re curious, intrigued, or already using K-cups and looking for a great deal…perhaps you might take a jaunt over to One Cup Connection. Their special runs through October: Buy 4 boxes of K-cups, Get 1 free and free shipping!

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