Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Book Reviews!

I am devouring books this summer! Some years I find more time than others to read and this year has proved to be a year of the books. I've been on a fiction kick lately and working my way through some page-turning Christian fiction mysteries but here are a few different genres that I've also enjoyed.

This book has been beautiful. It's like sitting down with a lovely, feminine mentor for a cup of tea and some great marriage advice. The book itself is gorgeous with gold lettering on the cover and a white ribbon bookmark, but the words within are just as treasured. In the nine chapters, author Barbara Rainey compares marriage to things like dancing or a garden or architecture. These themes provide each chapter with relatable, solid advice, reassurance, and conviction for wives. With ways to better understand your husband and ways to be the wife God intended you to be. I definitely have benefited from the wisdom of the author and I've enjoyed the companionable, motherly way she writes-- both smiling with understanding of the things we as women/wives experience, yet also nudging me to continually strive to be a better wife for my husband and for God. Five stars for this one. It would make a great bridal shower gift!

[Thank you to Bethany House/Baker publishing for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review. This post contains my honest and original thoughts.]

Summertime brings out the southern cook wannabe in me. I think it's the idea of "grilled meats, potato salads and cole slaws, and sun tea" kind of meals. And then there are all the fruit pies...don't get me started. Mmmm...

So even though I do NOT like the whole 'redneck' trend, I'm a sucker for southern cooking. Don't let the title of this cookbook misrepresent it. These are not recipes cooked by a rebel with Confederate flag flying high...no, ma'am. These are just amazing, mouth-watering recipes you'd likely be served in any country kitchen, particularly down south. 

I love the layout of this cookbook. Cute type/print, easily numbered instructions, gorgeous photography, a little quip from the chef before each recipe. All the things in a cookbook that inspire me to try the recipes. The majority of recipes only have a handful of simple ingredients, which is further enticing. And to sweeten the deal, there's a whole chapter on desserts (as well as an additional chapter on holiday baked goods). So let's just summarize: not only do I love the layout, I just love this cookbook!! 

4.5 out of 5 stars (and this is only because my favorite country cookbook, Farms Chicks in the Kitchen, is the ultimate 5-star comparision). 

[Thank you to Blogging for Books for my complimentary copy in exchange for a review. This post contains my honest and original thoughts.]

And my bookshelf would not be complete without another children's book. Baby Wren and the Great Gift, by Sally Lloyd-Jones is a sweet story about a baby wren who sees all the other animals with their special talents and wonders what her talent might be. In the end, she sees a gorgeous sunset and the beauty makes her sing with all her might. The other animals love her song and she realizes each animal has a unique gift and hers is to sing. The illustrations by Jen Corace are gorgeous in this book and little ones would definitely enjoy seeing each colorful page and each new animal. I think the story would have been just a bit sweeter if it had mentioned God being the giver of the sunset and the giver of Baby Wren's gift. 3 out of 5 stars for this one.

[Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for my complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review. This post contains my honest and original thoughts.]

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  1. I love reading book reviews, and these sound like good ones! I love finding new cookbooks and I'm also always looking for books to read with my toddler. Thanks for sharing!
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