Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes [vol.16.5]...because vol. 16 never got published...

It's me again! Happy Friday! And love me some sweet summertime-- are we really in the middle of June already?


However, I'm finally slowing down in life. And it's good. Really good. I stepped down from my management position at the pregnancy center in February and am currently training the new nurse manager while I transition into simply being a nurse counselor/sonographer on a weekly volunteer basis. It was such an incredibly difficult decision! I wrestled with it for months, praying and doing my best juggling both nursing jobs, but something had to give. (Unfortunately, it was this one since my other job holds my health insurance!) But as always, God has been at work throughout the transition process. I'm so thankful for the experience and growth of these past couple years working for the ministry, and I'm excited they've allowed me to stay on in this role--counseling and ultrasound are my passions when it comes to unplanned pregnancies. 


Some of my extra time in the past couple months has been spent with these precious little men!!

Watering Aunt Laura's flowers
L and C's first fort-building experience!

 And welcoming this precious little girl into the world!

They just don't come any cuter than these three!


I've also organized or redecorated almost everything in my home! My mom and sister have been amazing support these last few months and they realize that sometimes when you're struggling, the simple girly things can make a big difference! And as usual, when I'm not exactly sure what's going on in my life, it helps to know what's going on in my cupboards, hee hee! Some pictures again, perhaps?

Crate training for the Little Dog and a homemade bed

Redecorated my room on a dime :) 

The coffee/tea bar I kept seeing on Pinterest!


Summertime reading is in full swing. You'll be seeing book reviews throughout the next couple months, I just finished a nonfiction memoirs-style book and a theology one has just a few chapters to go! And to satisfy my fiction appetite, I've been devouring one of my favorite mystery series by Mindy Starns Clark. Her heroines are such strong and capable, yet gentle and godly women. Tonight I'm reading...


I rode a horse last weekend! My heart is so happy on a horse but I rarely get to ride. A friend from the pregnancy center got a horse this past year and invited me over to ride. When I got there, she handed me a helmet and said her sister was in the house fearing for my life due to the horse's unpredictable nature.

Um. Uh-oh.

But it all turned out okay! I strapped on the helmet and said a quick prayer! (don't try this at home, folks.) Actually, I was very cautious and asked lots of questions before I felt safe enough to try it out. Moon was fabulous for me and barely gave me any trouble. S. was so happy and asked if I would come back week after week to work with her. 

Um. YES!!!


These have all been fun, lighthearted updates. I'll share the other stuff, too. Grace is woven in it all. But hearts can't unload four months in seven quick takes. 


And tummies want snacks. So I'm off to find some strawberries and raspberries in the (organized, of course) fridge.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends! Be present, be at peace, and live with gratitude. This is life. This gift of one moment after another. I'm hugging you right now!


  1. You are doing such amazing work! That's so neat that you're volunteering at a pregnancy center and your new little niece is precious and reorganizing is fun too :-)

    1. Thanks, Laura!! I visited your blog, too-- I love your pro-life heart as well!! So beautiful!

  2. I love your coffee and tea cute! And love the fun decorating ideas, it's amazing how a few small changes in decor can make such a difference in a space! :)

    1. Thanks, Joan! It was fun to just use what I had and get creative!

  3. Congratulations on transitioning! I'm sure that was a difficult and frightening decisions, but it sounds like you have peace even if you loved working at the pregnancy center. I'm sure God is blessing your life + giving you more opportunities to rest in order to fully be present in the other areas of your life. I remember working two jobs last year while taking classes and I was miserable because I was spreading myself too thin - even one was teaching Zumba, which I loved! "For everything there is a time and season," though...and I believe God does sometimes ask us to let go of good things.

    Anyways, it's more time for reading, right? :)