Monday, March 18, 2013

Found a Book for an Art that is Lost

I LOVE this book, my friends.

It's possibly my favorite book I've reviewed on my blog.

It's non-fiction. It's self-help. And I've never seen anything like it before.

It's A Perfect Word for Every Occasion, by Liz Duckworth.

Let me collect my happy thoughts about this book so I can share them sincerely and heartfelt through my writing--oh wait, that's exactly what this book helps me to do. ;)

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered A Perfect Word. It promised to be a helpful resource for letter-writing and notecards. I'm crazy-in-love with the old-fashioned art of handwritten letters and cards, but I've generally just searched my heart and let the words flow so I wasn't sure how much I'd actually use this book.

I was wrong. It's golden. Just golden. Everything about it.

There are chapters for each type of handwritten message-- thank you's, birthdays, sympathy, and more-- and even a few thoughts on the modern-age communications such as facebook and emails. I found the author classy, sincere, and feminine with her encouragement and inspiration for handwriting sincere messages to loved ones in our lives. She even offered writing prompts as well as neat quotes and Scripture at the end of each chapter of that particular topic. And I can't forget Aunt Me-Me, who teaches us what not to say...

Overall, a charming and helpful resource. I recommend it.

I also recommend that you take some time this week to pull out a pen and a pretty notecard. Write someone you haven't talked to in awhile. Don't let the beautiful art of handwritten communication get lost in an online world.

[I received this book at no cost from Bethany House publishing. These are my honest and original comments.]


  1. I might have to check this out. :) I am such a note writer... for any occasion. If I miss a thank you note for something... I feel like a part of me is just not settled. (I blame this on my mom... for any gift I got, there was a note that would be sent. No matter what!) Now, I just love writing them. And, I think it's weird when I don't receive one!

    This sounds like a good book for me to have.

  2. Oh, this book sounds fantastic! I'm going to need to track down a copy... :)

  3. Oh my goodness this sounds amazing!! I absolutely love writing letters to friends, so I definitely think I'll be checking this out. Thanks for sharing :)