Monday, July 16, 2012

Sweet Summertime-- An Update

We're in the double digits of the month of July. Mid-summer...Mid-year...Really?! Sweet summertime seems to keep me from blogging as much these days. I miss writing but have lately been squeezing it in here and there in the evenings, which makes my soul happy. I’m also scribbling over at The Catholic Young Woman—come on over anytime!
snazzy D.I.Y. projects
Life is always beautiful when we are given the eyes to see it and the heart to receive it…and the grace to transform it. I'm so incredibly thankful for the beauty and joy I'm finding this summer (or is it finding me?)...

my favorite spot in the backyard (garage sale find!!)

Family time is the best!

beautiful girlfriends sharing breakfast and fellowship-- thanks, S., for the yummy cooking!

books and writing...blissful
volleyball with friends skies and sunshine

Learning mercy in a deeper way
old-fashioned village tour with V.

and, oh yeah...did I mention falling in love with this man?!
(my dog kinda fell in love with him, too)

Serving with and loving these teens on the Y.E.S. project weekend 
Getting muddy at the Warrior Dash!
I'm absolutely delighted with the blessings and joy of the summertime, but there are plenty of mistakes and struggles and seeking that is going on among them. Praise God for His loving Fatherhood, His saving graces, and His Spirit that reaches down and gently leads one day at a time, knowing my weakness and being my strength. He never gives up on His beloved children. Wonderful Abba.


  1. Laura, your joy in life is always so inspiring... especially since you're so open about acknowledging God as the Gift-giver!

    I tagged you for an award at my blog:

    God bless you!

  2. Laura, I love how you put things. You can make the everyday things of life sounds beautiful and inspiring. You often change my perspective on things for the better. Love you!

  3. Clare-- thank you for your kind comments and for tagging me! :)

    Natasha-- I love the way you said so much with a simple smile. *hugs*

    Vangie-- thank you for saying that! So sweet and humbling for me, dear friend!